In just a few short weeks my kids will be going back to school. It's always so bittersweet! I love our long summers together and I get teary-eyed every single year when that school bus pulls away for the first time. A million thoughts go through my mind... what if they get upset? What if their teacher is mean? What if I bought them the wrong folders? What if they have no friends in their new class? What if they need me?? I know I'm not alone here! It's hard. With that said, it's also nice to get back to a more strict routine that the school year brings. And since I work from home, it does give me more productive work days. It's actually quiet and I can work without interruptions. Like I said... bittersweet!

One way I like to let my kids know I am thinking of them while they are at school is to put special notes in their lunch boxes. They love my notes and surprisingly it doesn't embarrass them... yet. 

I just finished up designing these new lunchbox note printables for this school year and I wanted to share them with our readers. We made a boy and girl version. They are free for you to download and print!

Free Lunchbox note printables
Kid's Lunchbox Notes

I love the way these lunch box notes came out and I'm so excited to put them in my kid's lunchboxes! I know they are going to love them. You can find the printable files below:


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I hope your kiddos love these notes as much as mine do!! We plan on adding more later on. So don't forget to check back soon!