Free Meal Plan Printable

The school year is in full swing now and Fall is quickly approaching. While it’s always a little sad watching the end of summer slip away, it’s also really nice to get back into a more strict routine. As a busy mom, one way that I stay organized during the school year is by meal planning. We created these really cute weekly meal planner sheets to help with this!

During the school year, I’ve found that a weekly meal plan is so helpful! Unlike the summer months where it’s easy to scrap the meal we had planned and hop over to our favorite pizza joint for a late dinner, that’s not always a good thing when the kids have school the next day. There’s always homework to be done, some kind of practice to attend and showers to be had … not to mention a more strict bed time. No one wants to deal with crabby kids the next morning. Having a plan and sticking to it has made our school evenings and mornings go much smoother.

Free Meal Plan Worksheet

Using a meal plan sheet is really easy. It just involves a little planning. I normally pick one day and plan my meals for the entire next week and then plan another day to do the shopping. I buy all of the ingredients for my meals so I have everything on hand. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra crazy, I will even prep the ingredients ahead of time so that they are ready to go when it’s time to cook.

I plan five meals to cook, have one leftover night, and have one eat out night/order pizza night that we do on the weekends.. This is what I’ve found to work best for my family but the sheet is ready for you to use however you see best! I find it so satisfying once my sheet is all filled out and the groceries are sitting in my fridge. There’s no more panicking when five o’clock rolls around and I realize I have nothing planned for dinner. Ugh, who hasn’t been there?! It also helps keep my grocery budget on track!

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Free Meal Plan Worksheet Printable

If you have any questions about our meal plan worksheets or how to use them, please let us know. We’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way and are happy to share. What are your meal planning tips? If you have anything to add, let us know!

We hope our meal planning sheet comes in useful for you and it makes your days a little less stressful too.


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