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It’s that time again, back to school! This summer has really flown by for me. Our official start of school was a couple days ago and after my kid’s original protest, they’ve decided that they really love their new classes. Which is such a relief. A new school year can be nerve wracking for both kids and their parents! For me, It’s just hard knowing that they will be out of my sight for most of the day when all summer long they have been with me. Everything is so new… it’s a fresh start with new classrooms, new curriculum, and new teachers.

On one hand I really love getting back to a more strict schedule and it allows me to get my work done… in peace. But man, I sure miss their little faces once that school bus drives away! Which brings me to one of my favorite back to school traditions, lunch box notes!

Lunch Box Notes

My kids love the notes I put in their lunchboxes. Since I can’t be with them, it lets them know I’m thinking about them and hopefully puts a smile on their faces. I mean, school can be hard!

This year my oldest entered 5th grade. I thought that maybe the notes would embarrass him but nope! After the first day he hugged me and told me he loved his note…. Mom win! My youngest also wouldn’t let me throw his note away at the end of the first day when I was cleaning out their lunch boxes. He apparently wants to collects them. Bless his heart!

Like last year, we are sharing our lunch box notes with our readers! There is both a boy and girl version and they are free for you to download and use!


If you missed the lunch box notes we shared last year, You can download them HERE!

Girl's Lunch Box notes Free Download


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Luckily we’re off to a good start to our school year. We hope you are too and we hope you enjoy these lunch box notes and that they put a smile on your kiddo’s faces too! Enjoy!


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Printable School Lunch Notes